Blue Cobra

Entry Level System

This computer is designed to let you play games on the computer at a better speed than a non gaming rig. Get this if you are on a budget.

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Black Mamba

High Level System

This gaming computer has all the bells and whistles you will want or need for gaming. This is a really good value piece of hardware!

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Cobra Rattle

Mid Gaming System

This computer was designed in mind for the casual gamer. If you work then come home and have fun on the computer this is for you.

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Gamers have been using Cobra PC's for over a decade to dominate the competition in top 10 teams for many different games including Americas Army, Counter Strike, World of Warcraft and League of Legends.

gaming computer

We know what gamers want, and that is the ability to login and dominate. We offer Windows 7 standard with all of our PC's.

gaming pcs

One of the most important parts in a gaming PC is a fast hard drive that can transfer quickly. Ask for 6.0 GB/s transfer rates on your hard drive to be sure you have the fastest available.

custom gaming computer

Nothing is more important to
Cobra than the ability to play uninterrupted; CobraPCs helps your prevent overheating. Ask for the latest in cooling to keep you in the game.

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